Noise and vibration analysis - NVH

With the NVH analysis software, imc WAVE, and imc measurement devices, you have powerful tools for noise and vibration analysis at your disposal. Ready-to-go analysis functions such as FFT, order tracking, modal analysis, third-octave analysis and many more will provide finished results. imc devices calculate the results already during the running measurement and help to reduce data down to the essentials. Complete analysis packages offer less-experienced users in the field of NVH a safe and straightforward operation. In addition to noise and vibration analysis, imc measurement devices can realize many other measurements, such as temperature, power or strain gauge. In this way, imc can offer you a complete test & measurement solution from a single source.

Your benefit - our goal

  • Direct input of vehicle bus systems such as CANbus, FlexRay, LIN and other vehicle busses
  • Synchronous, multi-channel data capture
  • Extremely durable, compact hardware for road tests that don't require a PC to operate (black box functionality, extended temperature range, shock and vibration proof)
  • Decentralized, distributed measurement: effective, flexible and reliable
  • Repeatable tests
  • Quick and reliable measurement results thanks to integrated hardware and software solutions
  • Save time: Real time calculations already integrated in the measurement device
  • TEDS capability - automatic sensor input
  • All of our measurement devices feature networking and synchronization capabilities
  • All imc systems can be controlled via one software program
  • Application-specific expansions
  • Your one stop partner for measurement engineering - we provide solutions for the entire measurement cycle

Application examples of noise and vibration analysis (NVH)

Modular system:
imc CRONOScompact

  • Modular design with up to 128 analog inputs in one system
  • The system can either be centrally installed in a 19” rack or spatially distributed throughout the aircraft.
  • The device captures all analog and digital measurement values, as well as ARINC and ASCB-D field bus data.
  • Provides direct, real-time calculations: results during the running measurement. This helps to reduce data down to the essentials.
  • Stable power supply: equipped with a UPS system
  • Redundant measurement data storage

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Spatially-distributable system:
imc CRONOSflex

  • Flexible and modular system
  • Modules are networkable via standard Ethernet cable (up to 100 m)
  • Up to 2,000 kS/s per system and up to 100 kS/s per channel
  • Acquires all analog and digital measurements and field buses such as ARINC and ASCB-D
  • Direct real-time calculations provide results during the running test and help to reduce data down to the essentials.
  • Stabile power supply through UPS Handle with Li-Ion battery
  • Redundant, configurable measurement data storage (internal and external)

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Sound and vibration analysis with imc WAVE

Workstation for Acoustic & Vibration Engineering

With imc WAVE, you are provided with a powerful software platform for noise and vibration analysis. Various analyzers cover a wide range of applications: from acoustical inspections during road tests, structural analyses on the test bench, up to vibration testing.

With imc WAVE, you can quickly and easily solve a wide variety of tasks in sound and vibration analysis. The well guided work flow will lead you step by step through the parameter settings for your specific application. From the device configuration through the microphone calibration procedure up to starting the measurement, imc WAVE offers a simple operating concept.

스펙트럼 분석기

  • 음향 파워-레벨 테스트
  • 옥타브 & 1/3옥타브 분석
  • 주파수 및 시간 가중
  • 진동 분석
  • FFT 분석

구조 분석기

  • 전달 함수의 계산 (크기와 위상)
  • Coherence
  • Auto-spectra & DOFs
  • 엑셀 출력
    ME' Scope™ 형식의
    데이터 출력

오더 추적 분석기

  • 측정된 RPM에 기반을 둔 오더 추적 스펙트럼
  • 소음 & 진동 레벨 vs. RPM(다양한 분류)
  • 시간 및 각도 vs. 전달 함수

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