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Digitization and networking offer decisive competitive advantages in production, infrastructure and vehicle development by creating higher financial value. Before an industrial machine can be networked to the Internet as a "thing", however, its digitization is necessary ─ the analog values of the machines must be converted into digital values.

An important component on the way to digitization is measurement technology. Sensors, measurement amplifiers and acquisition systems are required to detect an analog signal, such as the pressure in a hydraulic cylinder. These convert the analog signal into an electrical one, amplify and digitize it. The imc measurement devices and systems can also act as networked agents ─ in this way, the opportunities for the use of measurement solutions and the processing of the collected data are broadened.

Always the right bus system and internet interfaces

Measurement systems must have the appropriate fieldbus and IT interfaces for networked data acquisition on machines. The modular imc data loggers and measurement systems communicate via CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet, Profibus and EtherCAT interfaces, among others, and are also robust, stand-alone and PC-independent. In addition to analog and digital measurement channels (temperatures, pressures, distances, forces, vibrations, etc.), they also synchronously acquire machine data from the CAN bus and GPS coordinates.

From "Big Data" to "Smart Data" in real time with imc Online FAMOS

Data acquisition on machines and systems ─ whether in development or in real operation ─ often requires the processing of hundreds of measurement channels. Networked data monitoring requires efficient pre-processing of local measurement data in real time - i.e., local and thus fast big-data-analysis. This so-called "edge computing" consolidates the information into selected result parameters. It is particularly useful in harsh test environments where, for example, only a limited time window is available for data transmission or for decentralized, distributed measurements.

The imc measurement devices and systems offer the evaluation software imc Online FAMOS for this "Smart Data" analysis in real time. The functional scope of imc Online FAMOS ranges from simple statistical calculations, such as averaging, filtering or effective value calculation, to sophisticated analysis algorithms. These can be easily edited line by line as mathematical formulas and function calls. Furthermore, imc Online FAMOS has functions for automated measurement. Continuous plausibility checks of the acquired data thus guarantee a high level of data security and data integrity.

Secure data transfer to the imc measurement data cloud

The networking of imc measurement devices or systems can increase the profitability of a measurement solution. Configuring devices and evaluating data is safer, more transparent and faster when measuring in long-term applications or in hard-to-reach or harsh and hazardous measurement environments, or when hundreds of parameters or conditions have to be acquired and processed from a wide variety of sources for complex products.

To ensure the security of the transmitted data, the imc system uses a specially configured virtual private mobile network (VPN) to which only the customer has access. Since it does not require additional encryption, the full bandwidth can be used for data transmission. Through cooperation with mobile phone service providers, this virtual network is also available internationally.

This also applies to the further storage of the transmitted data. These can be stored in the imc WEBDEVICES measurement data cloud. An instrument within the imc SEARCH measurement database performs the management of the measurement data. Various clients and services have access to these in turn. In particular, this includes a web service that is able to make the prepared and correlated status data available for worldwide access via internet browser. Service personnel and management can monitor the system from anywhere and at any time. In addition, service activities can be planned automatically and alarm mechanisms can be integrated.

Everything from a single source – solutions with imc

With intelligent and networked data loggers, the test and measurement specialists at imc offer a complete digitization solution for bringing systems, machines, vehicles and much more to the Internet of Things. Combined with the imc Cloud solution, users today already have powerful tools at their disposal to make existing machines and systems fit for IoT and to increase added value.

imc solutions are characterized by their flexibility. Customized applications can be realized with imc standard components. These range from individual sensor adaptation to a modular measurement system with a wide variety of interfaces and an integral real-time platform to cloud services for mobile devices. Depending on their own experience, expertise and expectations, customers either create these themselves or purchase a turnkey complete solution as an engineering service from imc.

Main areas of application for remote testing on vehicles, machines and systems

  • Trial measurements
  • Test drives
  • Commission testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Long-term measurement and monitoring
    • Measurement data under real operating conditions
    • Qualified defense against unjustified warranty claims in the event of improper use
    • Optimization of models

Application examples

Everything you need

Measurement devices for industrial IoT applications

The robust imc measurement systems form the basis for data acquisition. The modular design and universal amplifier technology allow a precise configuration for the signals to be measured. Depending on the scope of the instrumentation, several measurement systems are used, which are operated in a network and acquire thousands of channels synchronously.


Intelligent compact measurement devices: M&C system for various test tasks in development, test field and service.

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Intelligent data logger for fieldbus data

imc Online FAMOS

Measurement data analysis during measurement, real-time reaction of the measurement device, data reduction and statistics online: imc Online FAMOS is a module of the measurement data software imc STUDIO.

Software for industrial IoT applications

imc LINK

Automatic measurement data transfer and information transmission

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Fleet trials and remote monitoring in the cloud

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The database application for measurement specialists:

  • search specifically
  • intelligent sorting
  • fast evaluations

Services provided and automation solutions

Complete solution for data transmission

The offer covers the entire spectrum: from consulting to complete turnkey solutions. In close cooperation with our customers, we support individual tasks or the entire process.

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