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Fiber-optic measurement technology from imc

Fiber-optic sensors enable measurements in environments where electrical sensors reach their limits. Unlike electrical measurement methods, the purely optical measurement method is completely insensitive to environmental influences.

What are FBG sensors?

FBG sensors consist of a glass fiber into which one or more fiber Bragg gratings are inserted. These fiber Bragg gratings are formed when the refractive index of the glass fiber is cyclically changed during manufacture under the influence of a laser. When the glass fiber is illuminated, a characteristic wavelength is now reflected and this wavelength changes under strain.

Advantage of the fos4x series fiber optic sensors:

  • No influence from electrical voltages or magnetic fields
  • Can be used in explosive and high-explosive environments
  • Low installation costs and short set-up times
  • Strain measurements with 10 times higher bending radii and 1,000 times more load changes compared to traditional strain gauge sensors
  • Long supply lines at up to several hundred meters without loss of quality
  • Long service life
  • Corrosion and moisture resistant


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