Dx 송신 유닛 (SCI)

작고 가벼운 14g Dx 송신기는 최대 6채널 및 통합 안테나의 완벽한 신호 처리 및 디지털화 기능이 포함되어 있습니다

One telemetry for various signals

Gone are the times in which a separate transmitter unit is needed for each sensor type. The Dx transmitter unit has universal signal conditioning that supports different types of sensors.


스트레인 게이지


넓은 온도 범위 지원

고온, 저온에 관계없이 Dx송신기는 넓은 온도 범위에서 안정적으로 작동합니다. -40 °C 에서 +85 °C까지의 표준 온도 범위 및 -40 °C 에서 + 125 °C까지의 의 확장 온도 범위를 지원합니다.

Technical data

Voltage input in millivolt range: Two differential inputs or four single-ended inputs
Full-bridge2 inputs
Half-bridge4 inputsinternal half-bridge completion
Bridge supply4.096V (max. 40 mA short-circuit proof)short-circuit proof
max. 2 full-bridges or 4 half-bridges each 350 Ω
max. 1 full-bridges or 2 half-bridges each 120 Ω
Input range±0,244 mV/V to ±1000 mV/V 13 measurement ranges can be set
Thermocouple2 differential or 4 single-ended inputstype J, K
Electrical voltage2 differential or 4 single-ended inputs 
Input voltage±1 mV bis ±4096 mV13 measurement ranges can be set
Resolution16 bit 
Accuracy0.01% up to 0.025% full scale 
Sampling rate

Dx: max. 4.6 kHz per channel
Dx-HT: max. 5.0 kHz per channel

Anti-aliasing filter
cutoff frequency
6pole Butterworth-characteristics
1/5 of sampling rate
cuttoff frequency 1/5 of sampling rate
Voltage input in volt range: One differential input and one single-ended input
Electrical voltage1 differential and 1 single-ended input 
Measurement range±0.011V to ±45.065V 13 measurement ranges can be set
Sampling ratemax. 4.6 kHz per channelDx-HT:max. 5.0 kHz per channel
Anti-aliasing filter
cutoff frequency
6pole Butterworth-characteristics
1/5 of sampling rate
Additional channels for monitoring:Signal strength, voltage supply and temperature 
Voltage supply of SCT
(signal conditioning & transmitter)
Measurement range 6V up to 41.5 VResolution 10 mV
Temperature of SCTsMeasurement range:
for Dx: -30 °C to +100 °C,
for Dx-HT: -30 °C to +150 °C
Resolution 0.034 °C
Signal strength measurement range-99 dBm to -10 dBmResolution 1 dBm
General data
Voltage supplyInductive supply with stator head or stator ring
or DC-supply 7 V to 39 V
Temperature range Dx: -40 °C to +85 °C
Dx HT: -40 °C to +125 °C
Data transmissionData packages with error detection 
Transmission frequency

Dx: 13 frequencies in the 868 MHz band /

Dx HT: 17 frequencies in the 2.4 GHz band

freely adjustable via remote control - allows parallel operation of multiple systems
Transmission powermax. 10 dBm 
Max. aggregate sampling rate of entire systemStandard Dx:
1 SCT: 4.6 kHz
2 SCTs: 7.2 kHz
3 SCTs: 3.0 kHz
4 SCTs: 4.0 kHz
Dx HT:
1 SCT: 5.0 kHz
2 SCTs: 8.0 kHz
3 SCTs: 3.6 kHz
4 SCTs: 4.8 kHz
Housing materialPEEKhighly temperature resistant polymer
Dimensionsca. 45 x 25 x 10 mm 
Weightca. 14 g 

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