Conventional motor testing

Test stands by imc for use in laboratories or test facilities typically feature a conventional design. They have a broad input range and are capable of meeting the requirements of a wide variety of tasks. An RPM-regulated 4-quadrant drive runs the test object up to the desired RPM. The associated torque is measured at a testing axle. Alternatively, different load profiles can be run.

The test stand adjusts for the test object’s various parameters by means of adaptor mechanisms and torque sensors with the respective appropriate input range. The loading mechanism is designed to be adequate for the largest of the machines to be inspected. All of the motor’s mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, as well as its overload capability and other technical data such as its efficiency and power factors.

Along with conventional motor testing with power supply for the test object, model-based inspection according to the Parameter-Identification (PI) procedure is also available. This method has achieved popularity in the field of manufacturing, as well as for motors which are installed in inaccessible locations.

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