New version: imc FAMOS 7.4

With a new data format and a powerful curve window, imc FAMOS 7.4 displays data faster than ever before. Discover the new possibilities of verison...

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imc Meßsysteme is now imc Test & Measurement

The new company name is part of a growth strategy and underlines the stronger international orientation of imc. At the same time, the company has...

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신제품 WTT-Dx! Wheel torque transducer

CAEMAX는 겨울에 테스트룰 위한 환경적인 요구조건에 맞게 디자인된 wheel torque transducer를 발표했습니다. 날씨가 춥거나,눈이오거나 얼었을때라도, WTT-Dx wheel torque transducer는 매우 높은정밀도로 바퀴 구구동 및 제동...

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